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Choosing the best Toronto Wedding Photographer

It is important to pay attention to every wedding detail from the guest list to the venue all is important for the perfect wedding. But finding the best wedding photographer takes time and care, as the choice you make will matter for years to come!

Most wedding planners would say finding your venue is always the first step you should make on the way to planning your ideal wedding. However, the first thing for a bride or groom to take care of is the guest list. Why the guest list? Well once you have the guest attending the wedding finalized you will know the size of the required venue and the budget for catering.

Once you’ve booked the ceremony and the reception hall, you’ve got a date, a place, an open bar, and tasty food for your guests. Following that decision, it’s nice to enjoy some downtime before jumping into the nitty-gritty details.



Arguably, no wedding vendor is more important than a wedding photographer. You will need to choose a photographer that you are very comfortable with since you will be spending more time with, he or she than any other person on your wedding day. The images they capture will hold special memories and tell wedding stories to your family and friends for generations to come. This is why it’s important to choose a professional photographer that’s right for you. Now that we agree a photographer is important, how do you pick the best wedding photographer for you? The ability to recognize the experts from the weekend hobbyists when selecting a skilled wedding photographer to take your wedding photos is essential. There are numerous men and women out there with a good camera that enjoy photography but do not classify as a professional photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer doesn’t have to be stressful – you just have to know what to look for!

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A true specialist would be working in the marketplace and have acquired knowledge of the wedding industry, the latest gadgets and have demo albums of recent and past weddings. Once you hire a pro, you can settle-back, unwind, and trust they’ll do a good job. There is a couple of ways to sift out the experts from the amateurs when you are doing your primary search. Check if the wedding photographer has a website with a lot of wedding pictures. Focusing on photographers with an online presence is a good way to begin your search. You can vet different photographers by reviewing their websites before asking for more information or interviewing them.

wedding photographer taking photo of-newly-married-couple

Photographer taking photo of newly married couple in park


When you begin planning your wedding, you should have a general budget in place. Do not start researching photographers and fall in love with the most expensive one, before you figure out your budget. The main concern with wedding photographer pricing package is that everything depends upon the features you need to incorporate. Ask your self is it really necessary to include the engagement shoot? A lot of couples like to utilize those shots for stationery, while it’s truly insignificant to other people. Do you need a subsequent shooter? This will intensely rely upon visitor tally, so we suggest that you take your photographer’s advice. How many hours of coverage are necessary? What number of albums do you need? Expanding upon and limiting some options will have a huge effect on the photography budget.

By and large, couples in Canada pay 10-15% of their complete budget on a wedding photographer. Sound like a fortune? It is. Yet, contracting the best wedding photographer for you can be one of the most significant decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process. While 10-15% of your overall budget spending is a sensible objective, there are ways you can come in well under that. By asking a couple of key questions about pricing ranges and cost-sparing measures you can realize your dream wedding photographer without using up every last cent.


There two types of wedding photography know which style you require for your wedding.

Photojournalistic Style is a newspaper-style where wedding photography takes the photos as they happen. The photographer’s job is to simply tell the story of your wedding day without playing any role in it. The photographer is an observer who captures images. Photojournalistic wedding photography is all about being real and showing the facts of the day with no influence from the photographer (think newspaper-style).

Traditional wedding photography is all about planned and posed photos with lots of control by the photographer. There is almost always a very definite timeline, schedule, and a detailed list of photographs that must be taken with lots of direction and possible lighting. If it requires a ton of setup and time, it typically means traditional photography. Like photojournalistic photography, traditional photography has its own advantages and disadvantages. Know which style is right for your wedding.




  • Will you shoot our wedding yourself?
  • Are you familiar with my ceremony or reception venue?
  • Do you utilize backup equipment?
  • Should we provide you our list of must-have photos or do you use only your own list?
  • Are engagement or other pre-wedding photoshoots included in your package?
  • Do we pay travel costs? What do these expenses incorporate?
  • Is photo post-production and image retouching included? Do we have to pay extra for that?
  • If a wedding keeps going longer than arranged, will you leave? In the event that you remain, do we pay extra cash?
  • Do we pay travel costs? What do these expenses incorporate?
  • When and how will I get the photographs?
  • Are there any confinements for posting pictures on the web? Do you possess the copyright to the shots?
  • Do we need to expect extra costs?
  • Do you have cancellation and refund policy?
  • When will our video be ready?



Check their web presence for real reviews keeping in mind that reviews can be faked? Google and Facebook testimonials are great to check. With these two sites, the users are forced to login before submitting testimonials so you can be relatively sure the review came from a real person. Check how many social media sites they utilize and how well maintained they are? This may or may not be a good indicator of professionalism but maintaining multiple social platforms takes some time and dedication. Note: some photographers with a large portfolio may not need to rely on social media. Still, other photographers may rely on traditional adverting and forgo social media.



Just as every wedding is distinctive, so is every photographer. Each wedding photographer might have a different style and will capture your wedding story with their own artistic eyes. Some photographers favor a bright and playful style, others will have a contrasting stunning fashion, some will photograph in mainly in color, others prefer black and white. Still, some photographers will make minimal editing, while others love to utilize photoshop and filters. Look through their photo album of recent wedding and see if their style will suit you or your wedding. In case you choose a photography company with many photographers make sure you are satisfied with the individual that will be doing your wedding. Find out if they work alone or do they work in pairs? There are various factors which can affect your choice of photographer. Probably the first question you should ask the prospective photographer is whether they are available on your wedding day. There’s no point getting your heart set on a photographer just to discover that they’re already fully booked on your day. Ensure that backup equipment is available in case of technical issues?

The second shooter or an assistant

In some cases, your photographer may use a second shooter or an assistant. A second shooter is not the same as an assistant. When you are in the midst of hiring a photographer, you will want to know if he or she is charging for a second shooter or an assistant.

A second shooter is exactly that: a second professional photographer at your wedding. A second shooter is typically needed for larger weddings and large wedding parties if you plan to have posed family portraits. On the other hand, an assistant photographer does not typically look for other photos to take that day. Assistants help photographers get the lenses that they need to set up lighting and carry their bags around all day. The assistant is not a vastly experienced photographer. Many assistants are interns and are learning the job.

Your photographer will likely charge you extra if a second shooter is needed, but not if an assistant is.

Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding photographer a lot of questions. You are making an important choice and they are use to being asked questions.

So to wrap up, check for the following: Availability, Experience, Style, Examples of work, Camera equipment and what is included in each package.

You must be prepared with the right questions to ask your photographer so that all your bases are covered. Once you’ve met with a few photographers, you can narrow down your choice based on all of these factors.

Now that you have made your decision on which photographer to hire you need to confirm arrival times, locations and schedule dates.

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