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How to choose the best wedding venue

After you have decided to get married and family members and friends have been adviced the next step is to send out your invitations to determine your guest list. Once you know your guest count, the next step is to find a place to have your reception. Some experts say you should find your ceremony space first while others say you should find your reception space or location first. Whichever camp you belong to you want to find the right space that is interesting for both you and your guests. Some reception spaces, in any town, will be the first to be booked simply due to popularity. So, if you have your heart set on a particular space, find out their availability first. Then again, many places have the capability of having both your ceremony and reception all in one. You can determine which ceremony and reception space fit your budget, your taste, and your guest count.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – During the peak wedding months of late May through early November, competition for popular wedding reception spaces can be fears. If you are getting married within this peak period, plan on starting the search for your reception and/or ceremony venue at least 12 months in advance. However, people cancel or reschedule events all the time, so get on a waiting list if they have one!


modern wedding venue

modern wedding venue


When envisioning your wedding venue, do you think of dinner surrounded by fancy architecture or a place that has fun art everywhere? Then a modern space might be the right space for you. There are all sorts of entertaining, funky and modern spaces in most the greater Toronto area. Some facilities that focus on architecture, archaeology, and nature tend to be entertaining, interesting, and modern. Many museums have interesting exhibits that last for months at a time. You can even center your reception around the theme of the exhibit. The main thing you should be thinking about when it comes to a modem space is its fashion-forward aesthetic or clean, cool lines. You might so be interested in a modern space if it is a nonprofit that supports the local community.

If you are interested in a modern styled place for your wedding you need to think unusual. Finding a modern space for your wedding reception is finding a space that is the last place people think a wedding should be! You will be surprised how your favorite golf course becomes a fabulous, whimsical wedding space! Depending on your taste of course.

Be advised that while you and your fiancé may dream of an entertaining and modern venue, your parents may not. Try to find a space that is both modern and fits the interest of your parents. If your father loves boats, find your modern space near the water where he can paddle you into the reception! Being creative will be your best-selling point.


artsy wedding venue

artsy wedding venue


What is an artsy wedding venue compared to a modern wedding venue?
Well, the answer is that not all modern spaces have art in them and not all art is modern! An artsy space is for the couple that loves being surrounded by paintings, sculpture, music, and other fine arts. Castles, estates, museums, and art galleries may be what is running around in your head. Most old buildings, mansions, and castles are typically filled with interesting artwork, stained glass, carpentry, and interesting, decorative architectural elements. The buildings themselves are pieces of art. The tapestries hung in the main entrance of the castle, or the beautiful greenhouse filled with orchids attached to the main dining room, can all serve to delight your guests.

There is no limit to the availability of galleries and museums in the Greater Toronto area. However, many small art galleries are privately owned and will not rent out space or will not have enough space for entertaining with seated dining guests. Some museums and art galleries are government-owned and may not allow for weddings to take place. Be sure you know their availability before you get your heart set on that local museum!

Of course, certain museums and art galleries go way beyond art and sometimes on to pomp and circumstance. Finding the perfect art gallery and giving each guest a postcard of your favorite painting is a lovely way to share your interests.

Another perk of some of the public and nonprofit museums, galleries, and other spaces is that some of their fees may be tax-deductible. Even if you are forced to pay a higher fee for the upscale gallery in Toronto, Durham region or peel region, you may be surprised when you read your contract that a certain amount is tax-deductible. Always ask!



As luxurious space can be any space that is hip, glamorous, posh, and modern. Think of the new nightclub downtown that has three different dance floors.

With a little lighting and fabric draping, that dance club can turn into the most glamorous wedding location of the season! Other swanky places could include:

  • Newly renovated old theatres
  • Five-star restaurants
  • Uptown apartments and penthouse spaces

Exclusive resorts (whether it be the ski lodge-like Lakeridge Ski Resort or the beautiful covered terrace in the Caribbean)

  • Jewelry stores – Imagine renting a jewelry store for a cocktail hour or even your reception depending on the type of store. Would it not be perfect to have the cocktails where your fiancé bought your ring?
    It may require some extra insurance and some careful planning, but it would be worth it in the end!


THINK ABOUT THIS – Keep in mind that some of the luxurious places know they are luxurious. Where there is classy, there is money to be had. Be prepared to pay a higher price for these spaces, especially if they are typically open to the public on a Saturday night when they make the most money. If you are a classy kind of girl, you probably already knew this!

You get the point. A swanky space is a place that everyone in town is talking about the places that get written up in the Style section of your local newspaper and pop up on TV. If you have an uptown style, then have an uptown reception space!



Just because you want to have your wedding in a traditional venue, it does not mean it is not an interesting space! Conventional wedding venues are the classic cream of the crop wedding venues that everyone places their bets on first. They are typically the easiest spaces to have weddings and places where your best wedding vendors will be able to give you the most advice and ideas.



Hotels are the easiest place for a couple to plan their wedding. Most hotels are set up not only for housing your guests but for entertaining them as well. Your larger hotels and chain hotels typically have their own catering facilities for their salon spaces.

Hotels work well for couples who plan to have a lot of out-of-town guests. Hotel spaces normally have wedding packages that are easier on the budget as well. While most hotels will offer package pricing, don’t assume that the price is going to be the lowest you can get for what they are offering. Some hotels are extremely popular (and they know it) and can get away with higher prices on their packages. If you find another space near your favorite hotel, be advised to price shop the difference between catering at the outside venue space versus the in-house catering. 

The other great advantage of a larger hotel is that you can almost always have your ceremony on-site as well. Religious officiants can come to a hotel to marry you in their outside garden and their backup ballroom space! These hotel venues, of course, are the easiest to plan your wedding because they are so traditional.


garden wedding venue

garden wedding venue


One of the most classic and romantic places to get married is in a garden There are so many wonderful venues all over the country that have spectacular gardens attached to interesting mansions, conservatories, greenhouses and other types of reception spaces. 

While falling in love with the garden space of your choice, make sure you love, or at least like, the backup space for your ceremony if it rains the day of your wedding. Most couples get so caught up in the garden space for their ceremony that they forget about Mother Nature and how she can turn on you!

Don’t always assume that the most fabulous gardens will cost you thousands of dollars. While there are some garden venues that are expensive, there are so many public gardens in the Greater Toronto Area that are maintained by the government and are free for weddings. Many local parks and gardens have facilities for educational purposes that are rented out for all occasions. You not only get to have the wedding of your dreams but you support your local community.


Home wedding venue

Home wedding venue


For many couples, the perfect solution to a reception dilemma is having their wedding at someone’s home. If you are lucky, you, your parents, or someone you know will have a house and a yard big enough to accommodate your reception.

What better way to celebrate the most important day of your life than in the house where you grew up or the backyard where you used to play? Placed in a unique context, and surrounded by family and friends, you will have an incredible reception experience.

Depending on the type of wedding you want, a home reception really gives you a lot of flexibility as to what you can do. If you want a formal wedding in the backyard with a tent and a band, you can do that if you want. Just make sure you have the right space for a backyard wedding. Make sure to invite the neighbors so they will be supportive of the loud music.

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