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when is the best time for a wedding

When we ask the question, what is the best time for a wedding we are really asking when is the best time of the year? Which month is generally the best time for a wedding in Toronto? Of course, there is also the best time of day for a wedding, especially if you plan to take pictures. And provided that you want to remember your wedding and show them to your grandkids you need to take some pictures. The best time to take any wedding pictures outside is in the daylight before the sun goes down when the subjects are still visible. Many photographers identify the absolute best time as one hour before sunset the “golden hour”. The sun is lower in the sky and casts a romantic golden glare. It’s the perfect illumination for wedding pictures. This time period is short, so wedding photographers make sure to schedule accordingly.


The Wedding season or the most popular time of year to get married changes a bit from year to year, but usually, it is late summer and early fall are the most popular times to get married.

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Maybe you are attracted to a winter wedding, spring wedding or a hot August wedding. The formula for a successful wedding despite the season is to make very detailed planning. The weather affects the choice of venue, menu, and transportation among other things. But which month carries the best weather for the perfect wedding. Higher the number, the savory the weather does not work for everyone. Many couples enjoy spring weddings because of the cooler temperatures, blooming flowers, and a general feeling of freshness in the air. In Spring temperatures are not too cold or too hot, offering brides options for having an outside wedding, indoor wedding, or combination with the reception. In Southern Ontario March marks, the start of life and energy excellent symbolism for marriage, the union of two people. Hosting a mid-day ceremony allows your guests to showcase their new spring clothes, but also bring umbrellas or have a plan B if the weather is poor. March is a historically rainy month. Called your Aphrodite, your Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty and complain.

May is the ideal month to host a gorgeous outdoor wedding with an outdoor or indoor reception. Temperatures are warmer by day and not too cold in the evening. A precaution you should be aware of is May or Spring season, in general, could have arbitrary weather patterns, particularly for Toronto, such as snowstorms or rain appearing with small quantities of time to prepare. We urge having a Plan B in your venue in the instance of rain. The spring is in the air! month. Exceptionally accommodating temperatures and flowers in full bloom, May is your go-to month for several couples. Similar to the spring months, May insusceptible arbitrary and sudden weather changes make it difficult to predict. Along with being the wettest month, May could be a big gamble for couples hosting an outside wedding.

Of all of the months, we really recommend using a Plan B location for your May wedding venues. In case you’ve your heart set also on this month, be sure to plan accordingly by booking your desired venues early.

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wedding planning toronto wedding


Nice hot air and warm light beams of summer appeal to many couples. Summer remains to be your most desired wedding season many brides throughout the GTA hosting their wedding between late May and early September. Many wedding experts say the absolute best time for a wedding in Toronto is the end of May, the beginning of June or September. These are the best months of the year for an outdoor wedding especially if you don’t want to sweat the day away. If you are concerned about the heat, forget about July or August. At the time of writing this article, it is mid-August and the weather person says today will be hot and humid with high temperatures near 30C and a humidex in the upper 30s to near 40. Not so great if you are wearing a long uncomfortable white dress.



On the surface a holiday wedding sounds great: Everyone is off for the weekend, individuals can travel in for the wedding day, and you have an additional day to recoup from the partying. However there are some problems with this theory and they include higher travel costs, there is a higher possibility of clashing commitments for the guest, and another holiday celebration overshadowing your special day. It is great if you can pull it off but consider the challenges.


Now, which is the most popular day of the week to get married?  Saturday is by far the most popular day of the week to get married. Followed by Friday which is the second most popular day of the week to get married. Due to the popularity of Saturday weddings, it is also the most expensive time to get married because of such high demand venues don’t have to give you a discount on the space

If you are looking to cut costs on your wedding, we suggest you choose a month outside of the peak wedding season in Toronto or your area and choose any day besides Saturday or Friday. I know this might not be your preference but you can still have a great wedding at a lowered price.

lastly, if you really really want to have your wedding during the wedding season or on a Friday or Saturday think about having a brunch wedding as opposed to an evening wedding you can still save on cost.

There truly is no wrong or right time of year to get married however, when picking a month you ought to think about the season. June, September, and October are viewed as the months with the best climate to get hitched, because of their milder climate. Your wedding’s season will shape its environment, from your clothing style to the wedding venue.

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